Motorola DSP56800 Tool Chain


  • (28.04.2004) dsplibc 0.1 released
    This is a new package, which will eventually grow to something like Motorola's SDK. Currently it contains only one simple example code, which configures one timer. This example was used with gcc 0.2 to produce binary, which was then loaded to target hw and worked as expected.

  • (28.04.2004) gcc 0.2 released
    This release correct some of problems of 0.1. More importat is that it adds support for logic operatios and function pointers. This release was used to create first binary, which was tested also in target hardware.

  • (25.04.2004) www pages updated
    Added info about GCC development and installation (check corresponding pages). Also added new links to other development tools for dsp56800.

  • (25.04.2004) gcc 0.1 released
    This is initial release of GCC port for dsp56800. It's rather limited, but produces valid ELF object. For more details on what this release includes check the release note on

  • (25.01.2004) dsplib 0.4 released
    This release adds better GPIO support. Newly ADC support. Enhancements into stack macros. Also some fixes etc. Check the release note on

  • (05.11.2003) binutils 0.4.1 released
    Corrected critical bugs releated to opcode generation for some insns. Check the release note on

  • (02.11.2003) dspd 0.4.1 released
    Corrected bug preventing stepping through DO loops.

  • (31.10.2003) www pages updated
    Reorganized Release plan and Releases. Now the Bug/Feature ID is included to easily track what features are implemented and when. Started to use CSS as well :)


The project intends to create a complete development tool chain for Motorola DSP56800 family of embedded digital signal processors. The tool chain will include: assembler, linker, C compiler, debuger, target support utilities (JTAG/OnCE interface etc.). The purpose is to replace expencive comercial implementation (CodeWarrior/MetroWorks).

The tool chain will be a port to GNUs CGEN,binutils,gdb and gcc. The work will not include DSP libraries or similar things, it will more focus on the tools.

The project will end when the port will be moved to maintanace state and it should be followed by a new project intended to unify GNU C compiler for DSP architecture and create set of DSP libraries. Logo

Motorola DSP56800 Tool Chain

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Jan Zizka
Last updated: 28.04.2004